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What to do? What to do? Valentine’s Day is in two days. So, normally you’d be doing what you did every year prior which includes but is not limited to drowning yourself in chocolate and ROMCOMS with your other single female friends and Karkat. This year is different. Jade and Karkat, the last two of your single friends that’ll wallow in forever aloneness with you recently got together in a matespritship that should have started a long time ago. So you were all alone. Great. But there was still a chance you won’t spend V-day alone. You have a crush on your close friend Sollux and if you confess and he likes you back you’d spend valentines with him, but you’re pretty sure he has a thing for Aradia or maybe Feferi.

Still, you need to express yourself eventually. It was getting pretty hard not to. Plus you were feeling pretty desperate right now. At least not without your friends with you to do your annual “complain about all the couples” session. You stare at your computer screen, officially deciding to give up and ask Karkat, self-proclaimed god of romance, what to do. Unfortunately Karkat was currently not on right now so you just send him a message in hopes he’ll get it by after school tomorrow.

chumHandle [CH] started pestering carcinoGeneticist [CG]
[CH] Hey Karkat I know your busy right now but after school tomorrow can we talk, in private? It’s kind of an emergency.
[CH] A relationship emergency
[CH] Thanks dude
chumHandle [CH] ceased pestering carcinoGeneticist [CG]

Now there’s not much left to do but wait.


School sucked. The next day was Valentine’s Day and the whole school was getting ready. They were putting up decorations for the annual Valentine ’s Day dance after school tomorrow. What sucked the most was you could always tell who’s single because they were the ones in a horrible mood. At least school rules state all Valentines have to be given after school. The only up parts of your day were your computer classes because Sollux was in them and would talk to you about subjects that weren’t about who he would be spending Valentine’s Day with. Finally though, the day was over. You were now at your closed locker talking to Sollux and waiting to see if Karkat got your message and would show up.

“Tho,” Sollux asked after a moment. “You, uh, I mean-”

“Hey fuck ass you wanted to talk?” Karkat interrupted loudly.

Sollux looked suddenly super pissed and was glaring at Karkat.

“Dude, what the fuck? You’re in my thpace.” Sollux complained.

“Oh shut the fuck up Captor. (Name) asked me for my help yesterday. Now if you’ll fucking excuse us the relation god has some work to do.”

“Relationthip advice?”

“Oh, um , yeah. I’m uh, planning to tell my crush t-tomorrow.” Your voice got quieter as you spoke and Karkat put and arm around your shoulder.

“Now if you don’t mind I have some relationship advice to administer.” He said.

If you wanted relationthip advice you could have jutht come to me. I could have given you great relationthip advice. ” Sollux murmured under his breath.

You raised an eye brow. “What was that?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about (nm)!” Sollux declared the left in a huff.

You never understood why Sollux got so moody around Karkat. You’ve begun to doubt it’s just more bi-polar mood swings but what do you know.

“Ok, he’s gone but we are still in the middle of the fucking hallway so follow me already.”

You did and followed Karkat to the old art room. This art room hasn’t been used in years and on one is ever in this hall after school hours so if you want to be in private this is the room to be in. Karkat closed the door behind you. You perched on a table.

“Ok so you need my help figuring out what to do to properly express your fucking feelings for Captor tomorrow.”

“Wait, I never said it was Sollux.”

Karkat gave you a look.

“Oh please. I’m the god of romance and one of your closest fucking friends. Do you really think I wouldn’t have fucking noticed your flushed for him?” Karkat pointed out and he had a point.

“Ok then, tell me what I should do.”

“Fine,” Karkat came over to sit next to you on the table. “You need to get him something. Computer stuff is expensive and anyone can get him that. When in doubt make him something.”

“Like what?”

“I suggest food, the Captors are worse cooks than my dad.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“(Name), Sollux can’t make even make toast.”


“Just make him something with honey in it, lots and lots of honey. All the captors love honey like I’ve seen both Sollux and Mituna eat it straight from the jar.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen Sollux do that too. So honey foods then.”

“Yep. You good now? Jade’s expecting me.”

“Yeah, go on.”

Karkat left. You thought for a few minutes then left for the store. Once home you started on your idea and it involved a lot of honey. Once done everything was placed in a rectangular plastic container with sides you couldn’t see through. If this didn’t work then you decided to cry and eat these because you spent all of this week’s food money on this so you wouldn’t be able to buy chocolate.


You set the box down on the computer desk and sat down. It was the beginning of first period and your first computer class.

“Who’th the box for?” Sollux asked, appearing next to you and sitting in his seat.

“My crush but he’s not getting it until after school.”

“Ok, what’th in it then?”

“I’m not spilling anything about it to anyone.”

Sollux left it alone for the rest of the period. The next class was English where you’re sitting next to Feferi. She had a box too. It looked kind of like a square and it made you nervous. Your next two classes were computer classes. Sollux came in and sat next to you.

“Tho,” Sollux asked.

Here it comes.


“Tho what’th thith guy like?”

“Sollux, quit it.”

“Thorry, jutht curiouth.” He says but doesn’t pry farther, most likely because he knew he’d get nowhere but he would still glance at the box.

The rest of the day went similarly. When the end of school bell rang you were out of there and found a quiet place to collect yourself and prepare for confronting Sollux. It took longer than you thought. You wandered out to look for Sollux. Sollux didn’t seem to be in the big crowd of students that giving valentines, making out in public, or leaving school. But did you find Karkat and Jade. After holding a conversation with them you give each a hug before they leave for their movie date. They wished you good luck. You step in the hall with your box.


You turn to see Sollux leaning against the lockers eating from Feferi’s box.

“Oh I see Feferi got you something.” You say, trying not to sound dejected.

“Yeah, thhe’th my new moirail.”

You take a look. Ok the box is a diamond not a square. That makes sense. What a relief. And you saw Aradia and Jake get together over an Indiana Jones movie leaving a frustrated Dirk.

“You haven’t gotten rid of the box yet I thee.” He was really interested in your gift.

“Yeah, I I’ve been having trouble finding him.” You start.

The fact that the halls were empty made you a bit more confident.

“Maybe I could help.” Sollux suggested sounding strained.

You nod.
“Ok, come over so I can tell you who it is.”

He did and you whispered in his ear.
“It’s you.”

Sollux looked at you to make sure you were being serious.


You gave him the box. He opened it and the smell of honey drifted out. He picked one up. It was a cookie shaped and decorated like a bee.

“You made me bee cookieth?”

“Honey bee cookies. I used like three jars of honey in the recipe.”

He ate one and it was more than obvious just by the look on his face that he loved them.

“So,” you started. “I really like you and-”

Sollux just put the box down and silenced by pulling you into a kiss.

“Your thweeter than honey.”

Your face was so red. You were not prepared for this.

“Uh… y-yeah o-ok.”

Damn it, Sollux was so much smoother than you. Not in your wildest dreams did you think he’d like you back. He took a bite of another cookie. Truthfully he was enjoying seeing you all red face and stuttering. He figures he better wrap it though, he didn’t want to make you too uncomfortable. Sollux put his hands on your shoulders.

“(Nm), I really like you too.”
He was blushing a little too.
“Will you bee my matethprit?”

“Of course.”

You thought you heard something but don’t have time to focus on that as Sollux had occupied your lips again.

~ Meanwhile in the room across the hall~

“Damn it! Did they see us?” Jade whispered to her matesprit who was sitting on the floor next to her.

“No, thank goodness.” Karkat whispered back. “(Name) would be so fucking pissed if she found out we were spying on her.”

“You got that right fuck ass.” Jade said. “But I think they’re in the clear now and this isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day.”

Karkat put his arm around Jade.

“Fuck, me neither but (name) needed the push.”

Jade nodded at this.

“But,” Karkat continued, “since we’re can’t leave until they do, how about we make the most of being trapped in this fucking room together?”

Jade got the message and connected their lips together.

Happy S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) everyone! I apologize if this sucks. It's the first time I've been able to write just a one shot. AND it's holiday themed, resealed on that holiday. Today is full of firsts. Again, I apologize for how much it sucks.

Nothing left for me now except to eat all this chocolate I bought myself :iconchocoloveplz:

that came out more pathetic then I ment :iconsighingplz:

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Lol I lov3d th3 last part!!!
~ Meanwhile in the room across the hall~ I just lost it!!!
Kanaya--Maryam Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
I Noticed Something

"Valentines Day Is In Two Days"
'Two Days'
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The Twos
Solluxs' Obsession With Two
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oh! Duh! I wrote this yet I didn't even notice about that. Wow Sweating a little... 
Kanaya--Maryam Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
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I am very glad you enjoyed it enough to call it amazing

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What's ur star sign 
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yes! you get cookie and high-fiveCookie Emote  High-five! 
Whitney-Le-Nerd Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
XD lets hope they don't get caught
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